About us

SUNGURU is one of the largest and most experienced in RENEWABLE ENERGY companies in India. We design, manufacture, build and operate photovoltaic & thermal systems and plants from the kilowatt scale up to multi-megawatt class.

SUNGURU has one of the largest sales/installation networks backed by an experienced team of design and integration experts. All our Products and projects are designed and integrated as per guidelines of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and also the global best practises. The systems are designed to meet diversified needs - from rural electrification to powering urban growth areas, defence outposts to banking centres, residential apartments to industrial complex – in all sectors, we offer the most efficient and innovative solar systems along with attractive government subsidies.

Coal is becoming more difficult to obtain, domestic gas sources are shrinking, and there is more focus than ever on energy sustainability. Solar is going to become one of the crucial components of India's energy portfolio in the next decade, more than any other country. I believe it’s going to develop from grassroots to several billion-dollar solar-centric firms within a decade. While some solar players have already begun preparing, most have yet to place a bet on solar, given the uncertainties within the sector. Success in solar energy will require a long-term commitment and a sound understanding of local dynamics.

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