Smart LED lighting System with Solar Power

Solar LED lighting system combine a small solar photovoltaic (PV) panel with a rechargeable battery and an array of LED lights into an effective lighting system. Solar energy can be used to recharge batteries which supply power to LED. These LED are portable with high efficiency. LED lights are known to be very efficient, which prolongs illumination time on the charging made available by the PV.

Salient Features of Smart LED lighting system with solar power:
  • Sustainable way to light homes
  • Easy to install and highly stable
  • Portable with high efficiency
  • Flexible designs
  • High in quality
  • Achieves exceptional lighting results
  • No risk of headache
  • Can be fitted in the existing holders and it never needs ballast

Types of Smart LED lighting systems with solar power:
  • LED Bulbs with solar
  • LED Street Lights with solar
  • LED Tube Lights with solar
  • LED Home lighting system for Rural
  • LED Smart Home Lighting system (Managed using Mobile App & Internet)

    Benefits of Smart LED lighting system with solar power:
  • It is eco-friendly and reduces Carbon and other Green House Gases (GHG) emissions
  • Cost effective as no utility cost
  • Energy efficient and no maintenance
  • Has long life span
  • More economical and gives long lasting benefit
  • Saves great amount of energy as in LED Street lights
  • Can decrease the number of lighting systems on a project by 20% or more
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