Solar Smart Homes / Hybrid Inverters

An intelligent hybrid inverter or smart grid inverter is a new generation of dedicated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) applications using renewable energy for home consumption, especially for solar photovoltaic installations. Electricity from solar panels is generated only during the day, with a peak production around midday. This electricity is fluctuating and not synchronized with the electric consumption of the household. To overcome this gap between what is produced and what is required during the evening when there is no solar electricity production, it is necessary to store energy for later use and manage energy storage and consumption. Smart inverters enable this correlation between energy production and consumption.

    Salient Features Smart-Grid / Hybrid Inverters:
  • Hybrid Inverters operate On-grid as well as Off-grid, Hybrid (both on-grid and off-grid at the same time) and Backup (in case of a black out).
  • On-grid or grid-tie technique adds different energy sources
  • Off-grid technique manages stored electricity in the battery
  • Hybrid Inverters store energy when there is more production than consumption
  • Internal intelligent apparatus control unit to choose whether electricity from photovoltaic panels should be stored or consumed

    Smart-Grid / Hybrid Inverters consists of:
  • i) Grid Connected
  • ii) OFF Grid

    Usage of Smart-Grid / Hybrid Inverters:
  • Use in off grid mode (without network) with the possibility of linking to a generator. The inverter must be connected to a battery bank.
  • Use in on-grid or grid-tie mode (connected to the network) with the possibility of selling energy or excess energy.
  • Use in hybrid mode the inverter functions with a battery bank, but also connected to the grid. This dual functionality is the highlight of hybrid inverters that hence enable energy management (smart grid).
  • Use in Back-up mode, or storage mode prevents blackouts by switching from on-grid mode to off-grid mode at the moment of electric outage, thereby eliminates network cuts.

    Benefits of Smart-Grid / Hybrid Inverters:
  • Ability to self-consume all of its available PV electricity
  • Load shifting
  • Stores solar energy so that it is available during peak period
  • Saves solar energy due to self-use
  • Management of energy demand
  • Consumption of power is reduced
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